Interesting Person Portal
Thank you for scanning our QR code! We are SunHaus, a highly collaborative, spirited film company pushing film beyond its conventional restrictions. For us, this lies not only in the content we create, but in how we create it, finding people from all walks of life that can contribute to the cinematic artifacts we generate. You were given this card because we think you are dope, and embody an aesthetic essence in line with our filmmaking ethos. We’d love to get your info to stay connected for any future projects. Give as much or as little information you would like, in the form of contact information, a picture, a short video, and/or other forms of media. Or just browse around our website and see what we’re about. Again, thank you for your interest!
SunHaus is conceived as a supercollider. A machine which takes as its central premise, the possibility of a cinema capable of  “matching the power, beauty & alienation of black music.” Meaning, a cinema capable of transforming the contemporary social landscape as fundamentally as did black music in the 20th century.